Tatizo is an incredibly talented individual, who’s style circumnavigates around the portrait, landscape and abstract categories. He is a special kind of character who’s intrigue not only comes from his varied choice of subjects, but from his lengthy periods of absence whereby he becomes both impossible to contact or track down. Where does he go, one might ask. But we don’t anymore, as he generally returns with a wealth of incredible artwork for us to scatter around our villas.

The image seen above – named “Tribal Contrast” – has a particularly interesting story behind it. The pieces comes from a photo that I snapped one morning whilst I was waving some guests onto Juma’s Ngalaw (as seen in the photo). It was one of those plate glass mornings out on the ocean and the overcast weather made for an almost black and white scene, leaving only the three Maasai who happened to wander past, to pop out in fantastic colour.

So I approached Tatizo on one of his fleeting visits to Almanara and asked if he could replicate this photo onto canvas. The end result is a stunning piece of artwork that now sits on the wall of one of the Casa Bella bedrooms. In fact the painting was so popular that when I put it up on our social media sites, a guest immediately placed an order for a copy. We generally don’t like to replicate any one piece, but as the guest in question was a very close friend, we asked Tatizo very kindly, and there now two versions of this stunning piece.