Since the arrival of our home made ice machine, we have offered the classics one would expect from the famous Gelaterias of Rome. Vanilla, Coconut, Mint, After Eight, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Gianduia and Stracciatella are among the flavours we offer. However, between my own sweet tooth and experimental approach to all things culinary and Luke’s careful vetting of the crazy ideas – we have crafted a selection of flavours brand new to the beach, that have the locals and tourists arriving after dark just for the their dessert fix.

Peanut Butter was the first step towards the non-traditional, and has since become the number one selling ice cream flavour at Sails. We have since followed this up with Oreo Cookie blended with real vanilla pods, Peanut Butter M&M (a follow on from the favourite which features whole chunks of peanut M&Ms) and an Oreo/Peanut butter fusion.