You may want the loud music and cocktail bowls, or you may be in search of the unspoilt squeaking sand. For me, there are what i like to call the “4 P’s of Perfection” that make up a perfect beach. Powder, Palms, Peace & S”P”ace. Okay, i cheated a little with the last P, but it’s arguably my most important point. Powder sand is found where the foot traffic is minimal and where litter doesn’t fall often. A perfect beach is often well looked after by the locals and tourists alike.

Whilst a Palm fringed backdrop may sound like a line out of a tourist brochure, the backdrop to your beach makes contributes greatly to the views that you are soaking in. High rises and wall to wall beach bars are not really what comes to mind when dreaming up a paradise beach. Imagine glimpsing out to a gorgeous ocean and turning around only to find drunk tourists and litter washing around in the waves.

Peaceful waters, for me, are a must for the perfect beach. A mixture of turquoise and blue hues coupled with lagoon like waters is always a hit. sPace is needed to create the sensation of emptiness and seclusion. A large or uncrowded beach both achieve this.

Galu Beach – the second most southern portion of Diani – is in my humbled opinion as close to a perfect beach as one can ask for. The sand is pearly white and can squeak under your feet from time to time. The banks are lined with the tastefully decorated properties tucked behind rows and rows of palm trees, baobabs and lush green gardens. At low tide the water merges emerald green, with turquoise blue and everything in between and can be as still as a lake (although high tide offers up waves large enough to enjoy a good boogie boarding session).

Extreme low tides – often during or around the Full Moon – serve up an expanse of white sand almost a kilometre in width at the lowest point of their twice daily tidal cycles, which achieves the most important of the 4 points – sPace. Visit just after the rains or during the Christmas and New Year rush, and your encounters with residents and tourists are so rare that you’ll welcome the interaction. All in all Galu truly is paradise personified and remember to pack a bag, as it takes 238 steps from the boundary to the water.